We’re in love with this magic in motion!

We can’t think of many things more beautiful than what’s being shown in this video…….we’ve slowed down this magic more than 500% so you can see the ‘pick and place’ machine putting the components on our boards, which will then find themselves at the heart of our ground breaking Running Pod Pro’s!

It’s pretty wild what technology can do (just read about the how the Running Pod Pro can change your life here)… in this video you can see 16 boards being ‘stuffed’ with components simultaneously – the ‘pick and place’ machine goes to a cassette and picks up a component. It then goes to the exact position on the board and puts it on there and finally solders it – with exceptional accuracy and perfect quality.   It blows our mind!

At the bottom of this vision are cassettes with hundreds of all of the components on – resisters, capacitors, chips and more. When all components are positioned, on both sides of the board, it is tested, cut to size and then shipped to be functionally tested and assembled.

And guess what….this means we’re one step closer to our international retail launch in May 2021!

Stay tuned for more updates.