Workplace Wearables

Wearable technology has become more and more widely used by people from all walks of life. From smart watches to jackets that keep you warm on command. Wearable technology is part of our daily lives and is here to stay!

At PhysiGo we combine smart wear (sensors embedded in items or clothing), IOT (always connected, internet of things devices), artificial intelligence as well as evidence lead recommendations to effectively improve sporting form or physical recovery from injuries. PhysiWear is next generation protection for all users and PhysiGo are proud to be leading the way with our technology.

PhysiGo Workplace Wearables which are currently in trial stage, will provide workplace solutions to prevent avoidable workplace injuries and harm. PhysiGo have embedded AI sensors in workwear and PPE to monitor movement for potential injuries. The networked AI sensors perform complex algorithms to accurately measure, record, analyse and transmit data wirelessly, to alert the employee or employer in real time to make changes and prevent an avoidable injury. Reported data provides key insights and learnings to assist the workplace with
data-driven injury prevention measures.

What can be measured?

Body ForceThe effort put into hammering, digging where using their body mass would produce a moving force
Muscular ForceAmount of exertion required to lift or push something
Repetitive Strain InjuryThe frequency a motion is undertaken
Range of MotionHow far a limb has moved
NoiseNoise detection sensors can be embedded
Location GPS can be embedded to detect location and time of injury, proximity to other people for COVID-19 tracing and geo-ringfencing parameters
ImpactAn impulse can be detected to signify the measurement of an item falling on someone or slips, trips and falls
EnvironmentTemperature, pressure, humidity, ambient sound, gas concentrations/ toxic fumes
Physical biometricsHeart rate, body temp, fitness/fatigue (estimate V02 Mas)


PhyisGo’s key focus is to improve people’s lives through innovative solutions. We do this through embedding artificial intelligence into micro sensors that can be adapted to endless solutions.