Running Pod Pro Next Gen Technology available for pre-order


Life isn’t perfect, but your running form can be! Our RRP’s due for release shortly have been designed to quantify movement, optimise performances and reduce the chance of injury for runners at all levels to improve running form and results! The RPP pods have been developed in conjunction with elite athletes, are light weight, simple to use and are comfortably worn on each ankle to allow for accurate analysis of all the data needed to help you run the best you can. With our AI performing continual real-time measurement and analysis of the data up to 500 times per second. The RPP’s utilise one of the very latest AI algorithms which has been developed in-house an applied to a number of different industries previously with great success.


Insights uncovered through powerful analysis at all points during the run;

  • Power transfer measured using Contact Time
  • Foot placement efficiency; toe, heal strike or flat foot
  • Foot landing/braking force; Tibial Load
  • Push off force at toe off to improve performance
  • Foot twist on landing, pronation or supination
  • Flight time to improve efficiency in power generation of leg coming down to power to the next step
  • Symmetry between the legs/feet which is essential for good running form.

Additional performance measurements;




Step length/stride

Split times


  • Software processors embedded within the RPP are equipped with sophisticated Artificial Intelligence technology which performs complex algorithms and real time analysis to provide instantaneous feedback of running form.
  • Real time data sampling is captured 500 times per second which allows accuracy at a level required by Olympic athletes!
  • The analysis is available throughout the run so changes in important biometrics due to fatigue can be assessed.
  • Embedded running lights in the RPPs increases your visibility and safety when running in the dark and automatically adjust to the leg they are on; White forwards and Red backwards.
  • Battery life 6 hours with running lights or 10 without.


PhyisGo’s key focus is to improve people’s lives through innovative solutions. We do this through embedding artificial intelligence into micro sensors that can be adapted to endless solutions.