PhysiGo CAP Trial begins with Downlands College

PhysiGo are proud to announce that Downlands College will be participating in a global trial of the rugby CAP (Cranial Analysis Platform) this season. The CAP is sensor embedded headgear which measures critical metrics including force, rotation and point of impact, to alert coaches and medical staff of potential head impacts in real time. The trial will provide valuable insight into brain injury monitoring in training and game situations for the Downlands Firsts Rugby Team.

PhysiGo are excited to work with Downlands to demonstrate and validate this leading-edge technology which will revolutionise how we identify head knocks and provide insights into disorientation of players through monitoring their baseline movement.

“We are thrilled to be working with a school which values innovation and the health and safety of their students. Partnering with Downlands will deliver mutual benefit as we work together to uncover significant information using our artificial intelligence technology” said Annamieke Wilds, CEO of PhysiGo.

In addition to measuring force, rotation and point of impact the PhysiGo CAP’s sophisticated sensors will be able to provide player metrics including distance run, number of times forced to the ground and fatigue which is currently not collected at a junior level.

With concussion being a real risk in most contact sports, this trial will help validate information which has not been captured to date, including locations on the head where impacts occur. “The CAP will not only provide us with valuable insights on our players during games but will be used as a coaching tool to understand where players are getting hit most when tackling” said Garrick Morgan. “Using it in training will help us identify player behaviours when it comes to tackling which will help correct potentially dangerous head angles before it is too late. It’s about preserving the game we love.”