Running Pod Pro Next Gen Technology available for pre-order


In:Sight is the App which translates the running data collected by your Running Pod Pro and delivers this information to you via an easy to understand App.

We are passionate about our runners, and wanted to deliver a product  that not only tells you what you have run, but importantly how you have run. It is the real-time insights into how you run, your running form, that will enable improved performance.

The App receives your running data, 500 times per second directly from your RPP, to deliver advanced, real-time insights into your running form.

What will the In:Sight App tell me?


  • Cadence – Steps per minute
  • Pace – How fast you are running
  • Run distance – How far you have run
  • Run duration – How long you have been running
  • Number of steps – How many steps you have taken
  • Symmetry – Your movement reported on each leg

In Run and End Run Periodic

  • Left and Right Contact Time
  • Left and Right Flight Time
  • Left and Right Step Length
  • Left and Right Landing Force
  • Left and Right Push Force
  • Left and Right Pronation
  • Left and Right Supination
  • Left and Right Foot Placement (Fore-Foot, Mid-Foot, Heel)
  • PhysiMetric – A one number result which summarises key form metrics

Summary Data

  • 7 Day Running Summary of Cadence
  • 7 Day Running Summary of Pace
  • 7 Day Running Summary of Distance
  • 7 Day Running Summary of Form
  • 7 Day Running Summary of Performance
  • 7 Day Running Summary of Symmetry

How does it work?

The App works with your RPP – automatically detecting data when you start running. To start, simply download the Free In:Sight App from Google play (only available on android), secure your RPP’s and start running!

You can purchase your RPP from us for an Introductory price of $289!

Why use In:Sight?

  • It delivers all the insights you need on improving your running form and performance!
  • It allows you to set performance goals for you to track and will provide you audio cues when you are running to assist you to meet your goals.
  • It allows you to understand key information about your running form so you can clearly recognize areas where you can achieve the best performance improvement whilst avoiding injury.
  • Your data is safely stored in the Cloud.


You also get;

  • Guided training plan selection
  • View Historical Running data