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Analyse your running form and performances at 100 times a second!

Take your running to the next level using the PhysiGo In:Form app. In:Form uses the sensor technology already in your phone combined with PhysiGo’s patented innovative artificial intelligence to translate your running data in real time at up to 100 times a second. Just put your phone in your bumbag/running belt on the lower section of your back to capture your data accurately for analysis. The artificial intelligence processes this data to deliver insights on not only your performance, but your running form. Understanding your running form will help you reduce your chance of injuries, improve your running technique and ultimately lead to improved running performances.

We call it “Powerful Insights for Powerful Performance”.

In:Form is designed to be personalised to each individual’s running goals, fitness levels and body type. Once your basic information is registered in the app, PhysiGo’s patented artificial intelligence begins creating your unique training plan and adjusts your goals and training priorities to give you the best running efficiency. All while reducing the chance of injury and ensuring you can get the best out of your runs! You even get direct audio feedback as you run, helping you with your running form and then the run is displayed on the dashboard in the app.

Unlike other running apps, In:Form focuses on running form, not just performance. We focus on some of the most important running form measurements and look at symmetry (how much work is done by each leg) which are good indicators for injury prevention and recovery. We measure the following metrics:

Form Measurements:

  • Contact Time
  • Flight Time
  • Foot Placement
  • Leg Symmetry
  • Stride Length
  • Landing Force

Performing Measurements: 

  • Pace
  • Cadence
  • Distance
  • Duration
InForm app


Due for release soon is a premium version of the In:Form app, In:Form+. With this premium version you will be able to save your running data on our server for better analysis of your running data over time. As well as the addition of the ‘push-off force’ measurement, the force on the ground used to propel the runner forward and is a key measurement in running performance and key to maintaining a forward velocity. It will also provide more detailed insights into the work done by each leg beyond what is currently shown in the standard In:Form app.