Currently PhysiGo is developing our CAP for the purposes of monitoring head impacts both in real time and retrospectively. The CAP monitors, detects and communicates significant knocks to the head through capturing the force, acceleration and rotation of the head during contact sports. The feedback is received in real time and can indicate if a physical examination of the user is needed to look for signs of concussion or other physical conditions such as deteriorating balance and physical coordination.

Our vision is to provide quantified data to researchers to further assist with understanding how much force is too much force in better managing the risks of traumatic brain injuries whilst providing real time information to players at all levels of the impacts received.

The CAP contains 16 pressure sensors networked together which measure force, acceleration and rotation in all three directions so a complete picture of the head and inferred body movement can be recorded. Our sensor system is also embedded with advanced artificial intelligence which interprets the data from each sensor, completes real time analysis and sends the information wirelessly to an app or webpage.


Insights delivered include;

  • Cumulative Forces and Rotation
  • Rapid Direction Changes
  • Forced Ground Falls
  • Running Impacts
  • Stationary Impacts
  • Disorientation Alarms
  • Training and Trend Analysis

Additional performance measurements;

Running speed

Distance run


Time to fatigue based on involvement


PhyisGo’s key focus is to improve people’s lives through innovative solutions. We do this through embedding artificial intelligence into micro sensors that can be adapted to endless solutions.