About Us


“PhysiGo’s vision is to become the world leader in innovative AI-driven wearables which provide performance and wellbeing solutions to people in the sports, health and wearables markets. Our highly accurate sensors and advanced AI algorithms provide unrivalled insights that will challenge our current thoughts and create a new paradigm shift in wearable technology.”

Statement from Managing Director and Co-Founder, Luke Sephton-Perrett

PhysiGo incorporated on the 3rd of April 2018 (UK Company Reg: 11288222) and have been developing modular, artificial intelligence (AI) solutions (patent pending) for sport, physiotherapy and medical applications. Since incorporation, PhysiGo has developed a fully owned subsidiary, PhyisGo Pty Ltd (ABN: 76 643 264 037) in Australia to globalise the brand.

At PhysiGo, we take great pride in our team, and we have a wide range of experience and skills in software, hardware and business development. This experience enables our team to be effective and adaptive to our customer’s needs. We thrive on being presented with a problem and developing an innovative solution. No challenge is too big for us! Further information on the PhysiGo team can be found here: https://www.physigo.com.au/meet-the-team.

Our solution for elite sports (the RPE) is currently being used to help train elite athletes at British Athletics to great effect. Tommy Yule, Head of Performance Support at British Athletics, said “We are very pleased to be working with PhysiGo, who share our vision for data-driven performance improvement. PhysiGo has shown a capability to combine product innovation and flexibility with meeting the exacting standards of elite performance athletes”.

Our motivation at PhysiGo is to help wherever possible and create non-exclusive solutions to make a positive difference in people’s lives. We continue to partner with various hospitals and universities to develop innovative solutions for the future. Further information on these partnerships can be found in Partnering for Purpose: https://www.physigo.com.au/partnering-for-purpose.

Our first big consumer release product, the RPP (Running Pod Pro), was developed using what we learnt from British Athletics and is due for release at the end of 2020. This device will monitor your running form in real-time with the AI analysing data over 500 times a second. Depending on your goals and performances, the AI will create and continuously monitor a unique user training plan which will change when needed to ensure your running goals are achieved as quickly and safely as possible.

Our team are currently working hard on a number of products including the Cranial Analysis Platform (CAP) and wearable solutions to provide unrivalled insights out of lab conditions which bring improvements to people’s lives. We are always looking for ways to help both individuals and businesses using our combination of wearable sensors and clothing, partnered with our adaptive AI model, which processes data in real-time. If you want to know more or think you have an application of our solution, please contact us by email at info@physigo.com.au.