PhysiGo CAP Trial begins with Downlands College

PhysiGo are proud to announce that Downlands College will be participating in a global trial of the rugby CAP (Cranial Analysis Platform) this season. The CAP is sensor embedded headgear which measures critical metrics including force, rotation and point of impact, to alert coaches and medical staff of potential head impacts in real time. The trial will provide valuable insight into brain injury monitoring in training and game situations for the Downlands Firsts Rugby Team. PhysiGo are excited to work with

We’re in love with this magic in motion!

We can’t think of many things more beautiful than what’s being shown in this video…….we’ve slowed down this magic more than 500% so you can see the ‘pick and place’ machine putting the components on our boards, which will then find themselves at the heart of our ground breaking Running Pod Pro’s! It’s pretty wild what technology can do (just read about the how the Running Pod Pro can change your life here)… in this video you can see 16

The countdown is on for the launch of RPP

Countdown is on for the launch of PhysiGo’s Running Pod Pro in April 2021. PhysiGo’s Running Pod Pro (RPP) is in full production mode and the anticipation is skyrocketing for the worldwide launch in April 2021! PhysiGo’s RPP is unrivaled in its accuracy and will assist all runners from beginners to elite. Measuring 17 key metrics at 500 times per second, the sophisticated AI technology records and analyses data from each foot and provides predictive information for individualised performance improvement. In addition,

PhysiGo announces Australian reseller – PhysiWear

Australian and New Zealand runners to access Next Generation Performance Monitoring Sensors and Software from UK Tech start-up PhysiGo today announced the appointment of Australian company PhysiWear as its exclusive reseller into the Australian and New Zealand markets. PhysiWear will be responsible for driving sales of PhysiGo’s Running Pod Pros (RPP) which enhance runner’s ability to monitor and analyse advanced performance metrics in real-time. This follows Physigo’s successful trial and sales into British Athletics prior to lockdown. PhysiGo’s CEO Luke Sephton-Perrett