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Smart Wear & Avatar

We use sensors woven into smart wear to monitor human movement in real-time where the movement is being performed. Giving precise, accurate, real-world measurements with feedback options ranging from raw sensor data to our 3D avatar model (with colour coded body parts for real-time visual feedback), this is available for both of our physiotherapy and sports solutions.


A.R.P; our unique analysis and recommendation platform enhanced by artificial intelligence, when combined with measurements unique to the individual. Allows us to make personalised recommendations on how to accelerate and optimise physical recovery and sports performance.

Evidence Lead Approach

Our product development and business decisions are all made with a data/evidence lead approach. This ensures all decisions, measurements and insights are as valid and objective as possible. This means the user can be confident the solution we recommended is the best solution possible.

Portal & Mobile App

Our analysis, insights and feedback (including the 3D avatar) are available through a mobile app and our cloud-based PhysiGo platform. The app is easy to use and allows for simple feedback in real time with review options. The portal is an advanced analytics page for high-level insights for medical and sports professionals.

Our Key Focuses

PhyisGo’s key focus is to improve people’s lives through innovative solutions. We do this through embedding artificial intelligence into micro sensors that can be adapted to endless solutions.


Your movement data is collected and analysed in real-time and displayed to the user using a 3D avatar.


Based on the analysis of your movements, we then recommend a recovery program unique to you.


Your recovery program is monitored and adjusted as needed to give you the best possible outcomes.

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